Top 10 Most Popular Dance Styles

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Dancing is an easy way to get rid of all negative emotions. You may not believe this, but it’s 100 % truth. But do you know which are the top 10 most popular dance styles? Read what the statistics say in the following lines.

Dancing is an easy way to have fun, to make friends, to do something with your spare time. Many people leave their regular duties and go take some dance classes. For example, they hire the oven cleaning Buckingham team to deal with the cleaning or a handymen company to deal with the home repairs. If you haven’t choose what’s the right dance for you, make sure that you do that by choosing your style in the lines below. If you dance a certain style, check out if it’s across the top 10 most popular dance styles across the world.

10.Belly Dancing

Belly dance is a tradition west Asian dance and it’s very often called Arabic dance. It’s most popular in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, but you can see people performing this style in the USA, Russia and the rest of the world. It’s considered also a fitness dance that can also help you to keep your body in a good shape. The best thing about the belly dance is that it’s very easy to learn it and you can have a lot of fun doing it.

9.Swing Dance

You can swing dance in many different forms – West Coast, East Coast, Jive, Rock n Roll, etc. Watching this you may even think “What are these dancers doing? Throwing each other around, doing these crazy moves? This is so dangerous?” Well, it may be dangerous, but it’s so fun to watch this! Despite all the madness, this is one of the coolest dances, if it’s performed well. Do you remember Benji who have won “So you think you can dance” part 2? Well, he is a swing champion. You may watch some videos, if you’d like.

8.Tap Dancing

The most famous dancers have started their dancing life with tapping. This is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of the tap shoes hitting the floor as an “instrument”. It becomes popular in the 1900s. The dance actually involves African, Irish and English steps and that makes it so incredible. It’s also very used on Broadway.

7.Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances. This style is widely enjoyed on stage, films or TV. It’s also considered a social dance that is performed by couples on social outings.


Jazz has been popular for years. It involves footwork and perfect control of every part of your body. Every dancer needs a lot of energy and flexibility to perform this dance style. Jazz haaaaaaands!

5.Break Dance

This style is quite popular nowadays. It became popular in 1970′s . What is important to know about this style is that you have to know the beats very good. You can see street dancers dancing break dance all over the world, next to the London eye, or under the Eiffel tower…


They swat, pump, move, dance, but you keep wondering what style is this. Zumba style became really popular the last few years. This style brings together moves from Latin dance styles such as salsa, mambo, merengue, belly dancing and reggaeton.


This is where all the mummies out there take their small girls. I don’t know why they don’t realize that men can dance ballet as good as the women. This dance comes from Italy. During the reign of Louis XIV, ballet is spread to France as well.


This is a social dance and it originally comes from Cuba. It’s mostly danced in couples, but you can perform a solo as well. It’s very often called the dance of passion. This dance utilizes every three out of four beats and pauses for the last one. There are many different known styles of salsa such as LA salsa, NY salsa, Cuban salsa, Colombian salsa, etc.

1.Hip hop

This is the rhythm that could always make you move. According to the statistics, this is the most popular dance form in today’s life and it’s most popular in groups. There are also many different competitions and you can see many young talents. This is the best dance that can help you get rid of all negative emotions through the dance.

So forget about the couch, forget about the housework, hire the oven cleaning Buckingham team, take your dance shoes and start moving! And don’t forget to have FUN!

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