How To Clean Iron Burn Marks From Fabric

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If you iron your clothes daily you have probably had that bad day when you either forget it for a bit to long on the fabric or you have put the iron settings on a too high for the fabric. Looking at the title promises much but don’t get your hope up too much. Heavily burned clothes and stains cannot be cleaned by the following method and it will not work for them, actually there isn’t anything that will work for such damage except sewing a patch on the burned spot.

Many expert cleaners from a cleaning agency in London have been trying to figure out the best way to remove burned stains and have come up with the following method.

First prepare a bowl that will hold your cleaning solution. The main ingredients will be hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and ½ cup of water in the bowl. If it’s possible put the scorched part of the fabric in the bowl. If not take a spray bottle and apply to the burned surface until it’s heavily soaked. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the fabric for at least 15-20 minutes. Afterwards wash the clothing as usual.

Next recipe is with onions. Take an onion and slice it in two. Take one part and rub it into the burned stain. Be sure to rub it with the fleshy part of the vegetables. Try to get as much juice as possible from the onion (chew a gum in the process, so you don’t have tears). After you feel that the onion has saturated the burned mark enough, leave on the mark for 3 or 4 hours. After that remove the onion and wash the clothing as usual.

These were the two recipes that you can try to remove scorch marks from fabric, but as I stated in the beginning of the article do not expect any miracles (heavily burned fabric won’t grow back by itself, no matter how many onions you have).

And remember if you need expert cleaning help in your home find an agency the offers professional cleaning services in your area.

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